IMAGESKOOL is a creative studio specialising in Graffiti art and mural work, formed in 2004, run by artist and designer James Mayle [AKA riot68] and his wife Emma [Stopped Clock].

We provide services to…

Our skills include…

  • Large Scale Murals
  • Interior and exterior murals
  • Canvas Work of all sizes
  • Artwork for vehicles and trailers
  • Workshops and classes
  • Custom Toys/Models and clothing such as trainers
  • Graphic Design, Logo Design and Identity

Mural projects can help engage young people in an artistic activity that will promote self-expression, teamwork, and ownership and pride in their work and their local environment. With positive outcomes for all the community, we have already involved in many successful projects with youth centres and groups, primary and secondary schools, local authorities, charities, housing associations, the Police and private organisations, business and individuals.

We all hold current DBS checks for working with children and vulnerable adults.

For an insight into what we do the following is a documentary about iMAGESKOOL made by 3rd-year media students from Lincoln University…