We create a great atmosphere in all our workshops that encourages everyone to take part and do their best. We are professional and reliable, however, all our sessions are fun and engaging.

Our workshops help people to…

  • Build confidence
  • Develop new skills
  • Encourage self-expression
  • Show ownership and pride in their local area
  • Work together with all members of the community
  • Intergenerational projects, bridging gaps, bringing people together!
  • Engage hard to reach young people
  • Create community ownership

Loraine from an alternative education setting says…

“James engages well with learners of all abilities and backgrounds. We have worked with James on several occasions he has never failed to exceed our expectations. We have given James both detailed and brief descriptions of what we have wanted and the results are always the same..exceptional. working with James guarantees learner engagement and results ranging from small improvements in confidence to raising the aspirations of disaffected teenagers. James provides learners an excellent opportunity to have fun and achieve”.